Volunteers from the Arava Institute

Volunteers from the Arava Institute

In early January Desert Daughter was grateful to receive five volunteers from the Arava Institute. Learning about Desert Daughter on an educational trip that the Arava Institute had planned as part of the semester’s curriculum, the students had reached out after the semester to ask if they could volunteer more with Desert Daughter’s desert gardening and learn about traditional Bedouin herbal knowledge.

How to do good, better

We often see an inspiring video or post from a friend talking about a great charity we should give to, or maybe we are moved by a presentation we hear. But then our zeal for helping fades away, and we make excuses for why we can’t give—not enough time, not the right time, someone else will do it, etc. But the truth is, we ALL can help, at ANY time. Here are some ways you can make a difference, no matter your circumstances or stage in life.

Warm Up Words for Cambodia

Eight key phrases to learn to show respect in the Cambodian villages.



Hello Chum Reap Sour
Peace & Joy Sok Saybay
Thank You Aw Kon
Sorry Som Toh (If you are really sorry say this x3)
Goodbye Som Reap Leah
My name is _____ khñomm chmuah_____
What is your name? Lohk mean chmuah tah much?
Please? Soum

There are more words of wisdom to come during orientation with Tabitha Cambodia founder, Janne Ritskes...

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