Volunteers from the Arava Institute

In early January Desert Daughter was grateful to receive five volunteers from the Arava Institute. Learning about Desert Daughter on an educational trip that the Arava Institute had planned as part of the semester’s curriculum, the students had reached out after the semester to ask if they could volunteer more with Desert Daughter’s desert gardening and learn about traditional Bedouin herbal knowledge.

The volunteers helped prepare the exhibitional desert garden at Desert Daughter’s farm and further helped expand the farm by clearing and preparing new land just as the winter rains began.

The volunteers also joined in one of the community desert herb walks that Desert Daughter hosts. During these desert herb walks Mariam invites local Tel Shevan youth to join and teaches them how to recognize the different local and invasive herbs, shares old Bedouin stories about the plants or the history of the invasive species, and tells what medicinal properties the herbs have.