Cement, Wood & Tin: Fund 15 Cambodian Houses

Who is forPEACE?

forPEACE, a registered US public charity, supports global education and microenterprise partnerships, contributing to peace and economic self-reliance. forPEACE programs rely entirely on a network of international volunteers. Because administrative costs are privately funded, all donations go directly to designated projects. 

What We Believe In

  • Thinking globally and acting locally

  • Providing opportunities to earn sustainable income with dignity and respect

  • Giving a hand up, rather than a hand out.

  • We have been raised and lived in different lands, cultures and faiths. This has taught us to appreciate diversity and build on common grounds.

What We Do

Our collaborative initiatives include localized environmental research (GAIA), cottage industries (UMOJA Style), and house building (Tabitha Cambodia).

Since 1997, we have been partnering with Tabitha Cambodia to fund:

  • wells and ponds

  • livestock

  • agriculture and small cottage industry business development

  • houses

Tabitha focuses on community development through an integrated Savings Program. The purpose of this program is to teach families to save a small amount each week so that they can, over time, attain food security, send their children to school, and build adequate housing.

However, approximately 1 in 10 families in a community need extra help. For these families, forPEACE recruits international volunteers to assist in house building for one week. Our teams pay for their own travel and in-country expenses. Most of them also donate towards the building materials. 

The cost of one house, which includes a personal well, is $1500. Currently we build 6 houses during our week in Cambodia. However, we have the capacity and readiness to build 15—provided that we raise the funds for the additional building materials.

How You Can Help


Donate towards the building materials


Join a House Building Expedition

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