Our partners in community development and small business creation.

Umoja Style

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Umoja Style supports social ventures and small fair-trade enterprises that create dignified employment, which leads to freedom of choice, confidence & self-worth and cultivates community togetherness, or “Umoja.”



Cambodian Charitable Trust

Through microsavings, community development, cottage industry, and building houses, wells and schools, Tabitha is committed to help break the poverty cycle and enable the Cambodian people.

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Israeli Amutah

Focusing on employment opportunities and economic development in the Negev region of Israel. Increasing Bedouin woman’s visibility, equality and participation in all aspects of community life.

Desert Daughter

Micro Enterprise

A unique line of cosmetic and medicinal healing products founded by Mariam Abu Rkeek and crafted in the spirit and essential wisdom of Bedouin tradition.


Figel Design

Figel Design is a brother-sister business founded in Chernivtsi, Ukraine that aims to support local business and economy by creating quality handmade  Ukrainian folk inspired products. As the business grows, Natasha and Yura Figel intend for Figel Design to employ single women in their community and a place where principles of financial independence and business skills can be taught. Support Figel Design by purchasing special and unique gifts.

How We Select Our Partners

forPEACE selects partner organizations based on their potential to foster self-reliance and sustainability. All partners have been selected after careful observation by forPEACE to ensure that their programs align with charitable and educational purposes and forPEACE's mission. Time is taken to establish trust-based working relationships with organization leaders and become familiar with their operations prior to making distributions. forPEACE regularly spends time interviewing and observing organization leaders and program participants. Organizations also submit annual reports and budgets for review by forPEACE’s Board of Directors.

To Ensure Donations Are Used as Specified

forPEACE board members and volunteers make on-site visits to all recipients of funds on a regular basis to assure distributions and services are utilized for specified purposes. Projects in Cambodia are visited annually. Projects in Israel are visited quarterly, at a minimum.