Tabitha Cambodia

Through microsavings, community development, cottage industry, and building houses, wells and schools, Tabitha is committed to help break the poverty cycle and enable the Cambodian people.

The Tabitha Foundation headquartered in Phnom Penh, Cambodia was founded in 1994 as a Cambodian Charitable Trust.

Tabitha focuses on community development and cottage industry in Cambodia. Tabitha facilitates integrated programs that progressively teach the underprivileged self-worth, instilling confidence in their ability to work and achieve goals, skills that make them more employable, and principles that lead to financial freedom. All employees are Khmer (Cambodian) Tabitha program graduates, the only exception being Canadian founder Janne Ritskes. Ms. Ritskes was awarded Cambodian citizenship as a direct result of Tabitha’s positive contributions to the country.

Since 1994 Tabitha has helped over 300,000 people break free from poverty generate regular income and upward social mobility.

Peace Building and Microenterprise through Tabitha

forPEACE works with Tabitha by contributing funds to build wells, houses, and schools, make interest payments on micro-savings accounts, and purchase piglets, chicks or other items destitute families may initially need.

Annually we arrange for a team of volunteers to travel to Cambodia to work side-by-side with Khmer building houses and fostering cross-cultural respect and understanding.