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Honoring Na'amat Technological High School Graduates,

forPEACE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to contribute to peace and economic self-reliance by strengthening families through education and microenterprise partnerships, building common ground for individuals from different faiths and cultures, and empowering communities through collaborative initiatives.

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2014 Na'amat Nazareth Graduation Event

May 9, 2014

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Honoring the 2014 Na'amat Technological High School Graduates

May 7, 2014

Roughly 90 students from the All-Girls Na'amat Technological High School in Nazareth have overcome considerable odds to graduate in 2014. The girls have limited opportunity to travel within Israel or meet students from other segments of society. The prospect of being honored for their courage and achievement motivates them during difficult times when they are tempted to drop out of school. Additionally, they receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a day at the Walworth Barbour American International School in Even Yehuda, mingling with students from a diverse range of countries and backgrounds. Likewise, the international students normally do not get to meet students from Nazareth. As the WBAIS  tradition of hosting and honoring the Na'amat students deepens, students from both schools develop understanding,  bonds of friendship and on their own begin to initiate reciprocal visits. We are grateful to both sides for their warm hospitality and openness to get to know the other side.


forPEACE's First Newsletter!

August 21, 2013

We are pleased to share this first edition with you, our dear friends and partners throughout the world.

It arrives on the heels of a most successful Nazareth English Summer Camp, with emotion and communication between all sides still running high. Through the lens and voice of campers, local and overseas counselors, we attempt to convey to you the hope, promise and enduring spirit of camp. These are pockets of goodwill, learning, growth through collaboration and respectful celebration of difference. They emerge wherever and whenever individuals take time to meet, learn from and serve each other. We invite you to enjoy and take as many uplifting thoughts away from camp as we did.
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160 Campers. 25 Volunteers. 2 Weeks. 1 Unforgettable Experience. Nazareth English Summer Camp 2013

August 4, 2013

The mid-morning call to prayer echoes over the Al Gharbij school, which should be empty, abandoned for the summer.

But instead, 160 children are gathered there for an English summer camp. And 25 people from seven countries and diverse backgrounds, unified in white, forPEACE polos – all volunteers – are making it happen. read more