GAIA Baby Falcon Ringing Event

by Anneli Givens

EVEN YEHUDA, Israel — On Tuesday, May 9th, Project GAIA (Global Awareness Investigation and Action) had their official baby Falcon tagging event at the Walworth Barbour American International School (WBAIS). Students who participate in GAIA gathered outside to watch the gathering of the chicks from their homemade bird nest up above. Ornithologist and Motti Charter carefully selected the six babies to bring them down to weigh, measure and tag them. Students inside the school could also watch via the live stream that WBAIS has installed to track and film the Falcon family. (To watch the live feed, go Students got to see the babies up close as Charter measured their wings and recorded the data to track the chicks as they grow.

The Falcons are part of GAIA’s initiative to create biological pest control by using the birds to help limit the rodent population in nearby cities and fields.  By eating the rodents, the farmers are able to use less pesticides and rodenticides, which are harmful to the environment and crops, and helps drive down costs for the farmers as well.

After the birds were tagged and given identification, they were safely returned to their nests, where their mother quickly welcomed them back with a beak full of bugs.