We are women with a vision of children growing up on a cooperating, sustainable planet.

Peace Originates at Home

  • In a community that thinks global and acts local

  • With parents who have a fair chance to earn sustainable income to provide adequately for family needs with dignity and respect

  • With a heart open to listen with empathy

We are cognizant of governments, civic leaders and organizations striving for these ideals, and perceive a place for women to contribute. We need to look no further than Ireland to validate the influence of women in any peace process, especially where conflict has reigned for a long time and from the perspective of some, appears intractable. Likewise, the fight against poverty is equally carried by women searching for gainful employment through micro enterprise.

We have organized ourselves to freely give a hand up, not a hand out, based on our own existence as sisters, daughters and mothers. We have been raised and lived in different lands, cultures and faiths which taught us to love and appreciate diversity and to strengthen our families and contribute to our communities through building on the common ground of values we share. We derive our vision from our own successful experience with peaceful, happy, and secure families.